FRWF keeps a library of political and historical books to lend, and sometimes sell, to our members. We accept new donations all the time! If you’ve read any good political books, and feel others may enjoy reading them, please donate them to the FRWF library. Members are welcome to check out a book from one general meeting to the next.

In addition, FRWF has an active Book Club in which members select a current book to read and then meet after every other general meeting to discuss it.

Current titles  (list revised July 2012)


Thunder On The Left/ Gary Aldrich

Unlimited Access/ Gary Aldrich

Give Us Liberty/ Dick Armey

From Crayons To Condoms/ S. Baldwin

Arguing With Idiots/ Glen Beck

Cowards/ Glenn Beck

The Book of Virtues/ Wm. J. Bennett

The Moral Compass/ Wm. J. Bennett

All The President’s Men/ Bernstein & Woodward

Weapons Of Mass Distortion/ Brent Bozell

Whitewash/ Brent Bozell

The First American/ H.W. Brands

Righteous Indignation/ Andrew Breitbart

The Real Anita Hill/ David Brock

Barbara Bush/ Barbara Bush

Decision Points/ George W. Bush

LexingtonAndConcord/ Chamberlain

Ronnie & Nancy/ Bob Colacello

The Obama Nation/ Jerome Corsi

Guilty/ Ann Coulter

High Crimes & Misdemeanors/ Ann Coulter

How To Talk To A Liberal/Ann Coulter

Treason/ Ann Coulter

What The (Bleep) Just Happened/ Monica Crowley

Saving Freedom/ Jim DeMint

Ten Things You Can’t Say In America/Larry Elder

Clinton Exile/ Carol Felsenthal

Gangster Government/ David Freddoso

Comeback/ David Frum

Betrayal/ Bill Gertz

To Renew America/ Newt Gingrich

To Save America/ Newt Gingrich

A Slobbering Love Affair/ Bernard Goldberg

Liberal Fascism/ Jonah Goldberg

Goldwater/ Barry Goldwater

Let Freedom Ring/ Sean Hannity

No One To Lie To/ Christopher Hitchens

The Great Chief Justice/ Charles F. Hobson

Red Hot Lies/ Christopher Horner

Radical Son/ David Horowitz

Obama Diaries/ Laura Ingraham

Of Thee I Zing/ Laura Ingraham

Power To The People/ Laura Ingraham

Censorship (Threat To Talk Radio)/ Brian Jennings

1001 Things About Women’s History/ Constance Jones

The Amateur/ Edward Klein

The Kennedy Curse/ Edward Klein

The Truth About Hillary/ Edward Klein

Liberty & Tyranny/ Mark Levine

Absolute Power/ David Limbaugh

The Great Destroyer/ David Limbaugh

See, I Told You So/ Rush Limbaugh

The Way Things Ought To Be/ Rush Limbaugh

Culture of Corruption/ Michelle Malkin

Perot/ Todd Mason

Why Courage Matters/ John McCain

1776/ David McCullough

The Last Brother/ Joe McGinniss

2010 Take Back America/ Dick Morris

Catastrophe/ Dick Morris

Beyond Peace/ Richard Nixon

The Case Against Hillary Clinton/ Peggy Noonan

When Character Was King/ Peggy Noonan

Hell To Pay/ Barbara Olson

The Final Days/ Barbara Olson

Unfit For Command/ O’Neill & Corsi

Culture Warrior/ Bill O’Reilly

Killing Lincoln/ Bill O’Reilly

The No Spin Zone/ Bill O’Reilly

The O’Reilly Factor/ Bill O’Reilly

Who’s Looking Out For You/ Bill O’Reilly

Going Rogue/ Sarah Palin

Out of Mao’s Shadow/ Phillip Pan

Dereliction Of Duty/Robert “Buzz” Patterson

From Rage To Responsibility/ J. Peterson

Mount Pleasant/ Steve Poizner

My American Journey/ Colin Powell

An American Life/ Ronald Reagan

Where We Stand/Roger Rosenblatt

Courage and Consequence/ Karl Rove

Theodore Roosevelt/ Thomas Russell

At Any Cost/ Bill Sammon

The Enemy Within/ Michael Savage

The Savage Nation/ Michael Savage

Trickle Down Tyranny/ Michael Savage

Sell Out/ David P. Schippers

It Doesn’t Take A Hero/ General Schwasrzkopf

7 Events That Made America/ Larry Schweikart

Do As I Say/ Peter Schwiezer

The Greedy Hand/ Amity Shales

The Housing Boom and Bust/ Thomas Sowell

All Too Human/ George Stephanopoulos

Betrayed By The Bench/ John Stormer

Year Of The Rat/ Timperlake & Triplett

Trump: The Art Of The Deal/ Donald Trump

Boy Clinton/ R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

The Clinton Crack-Up/ Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

Ideological Bigotry/ Tygrrr

The Age Of Reagan/ Sean Wilentz

Alice & Edith / Dorothy Clarke Wilson

It’s Not About The Truth/ Don Yeager


Congress At Your Fingertips/ (2011 Congress)

9-11 Commission Report

Infidel/ Ayaan Hirsh Ali

Rules For Radicals/ Saul Alinsky

Original Intent/ David Barton

Common Sense/ Glenn Beck

Prince Albert/ Bossie & Brown

The Greatest Generation/ Tom Brokaw

Barbara Bush/ Barbara Bush

The Bankrupting ofAmerica/ David P. Calleo

And The World Came His Way/ John Dodd

The Roots of Obama’s Rage/ Dinesh D’Souza

The Ruling Class/ Eric Felton

From Beirut to Jerusalem/ Thomas Friedman

Pattern Of Deception/ Tim Graham

Conservative Victory/ Sean Hannity

Deliver Us From Evil/ Sean Hannity

The Road To Serfdom/ F.A Hayek

Why You Can’t Trust The News/ Irvine, Kincaid & Trulock

The Reagan Phenomenon/ Jeane Kirkpatrick

Spin Cycle/ Howard Kurtz

Hard Call/ John McCain

The Dinner/ Terry K, Paulson

Not ForSaleAt Any Price/ Ross Perot

Initial Actions Project/ President Ronald Reagan

Founding Mothers/ Cokie Roberts

Ten Commandments Twice Removed/ Danny Shelton

The Truth About Muhammad/ Robert Spencer

Ideological Bigotry/ Tygrrr

Sharia Law For Non-Muslims/ Bill Warner

Diamond In The Rough/ Mason Weaver

It’s OK To Leave The Plantation/ C. Mason Weaver


The American Enterprise

Conservative Chronicle

Illegal Aliens And American Medicine/M. Cosman

Tea Party Express IV


The Virginia State Capitol


DVD – Tora! Tora! Tora! The Attack On Pearl Harbor

VIDEO – The Unfinished Work/Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation

Rendezvous With Destiny/ Ronald Reagan

American Idol/ Ronald Reagan





In My Time/ Dick Cheney

Without a Doubt/ Marcia Clark

Ameritopia/ Mark Levin

Killing Lincoln/ Bill O’Reilly