Jan 2018  Returning favorite, Carl DeMaio, of the DeMaio Report KOGO 600 AM, will speak on Repealing the Gas Tax.  Pala Mesa Resort, Fri. Jan 12, 9:30   $25 includes brunch. kindly RSVP FallbrookRWF@gmail.com

Dec 2017 Speakers Tom Kennedy, GM of Rainbow Water District and Al Gebhart, former Fallbrook Public Utilities District Board Member.  Fri. Dec 8, 9:30 Pala Mesa Resort $25  please RSVP to FallbrookRWF@gmail.com  HOLIDAY CHEER!

 NOV 2017 Laurie Huber will be guest speaker on Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management.  Fri. Nov 10  9:30 AM  Pala Mesa Resort  $25  Please RSVP

OCT 2017  Agnes Gibboney, mother of son killed by illegal alien AND immigration reform activist, guest speaker. Fri. 13th 9:30 AM  Pala Mesa Resort.  $25. Please RVP FallbrookRWF@gmail.com

SEPT 2017 Dr. James Veltmeyer, His stories from the front lines and plans for Health Care Reform.  Pala Mesa Resort . Friday, Sept 8th. 9:30 AM $25.  Welcome back from summer recess.

June 2017   Jeff Schwilk, founder of San Diegans for Secure Borders will discuss immigration topics.  June 9.  9:30 AM  Pala Mesa $25  Please RSVP FallbrookRWF@gmail.com

May 2017 Young Leaders! Our scholarship recipient, Kyle Murray, will read his essay “What the Constitution Means to Me” He and his parents will be honored guests.  Also, Brandon Jones, intern with San Diego Republican Party, will be guest speaker.  Join us for brunch 9:30 AM Pala Mesa Resort $25. RSVP to FallbrookRWF@gmail.com  Attend and be inspired by future leaders!

April 2017  Mayor Desmond of San Marcos, Candidate for County Supervisor District 5, Guest Speaker at Pala Mesa Friday April 14, 9:30  $25  RSVP  to FallbrookRWF@gmail.com Also, hear from members’ personal stories how they came to be Republican.

March 2017  Ruth Weiss, Election Integrity Project

FEB 2017    Fri.  Feb.  10, 9:30 Pala Mesa Resort. John Cox of California Citizens Legislature. Please RSVP to FallbrookRWF@gmail.com  $25 for brunch and program. all invited.

JAN 2017  Fri Jan 13,  9:30 Pala Mesa Resort. Carl DeMaio, KOGO radio returns by popular demand! Please RSVP to FallbrookRWF@gmail.com $25.  bring a friend!

Dec 2016   Fri. Dec 9 ,9:30 AM,  Pala Mesa Resort.  Guest Speaker: Saundra Waecker “Islamic Caliphate”  PLUS CELEBRATE TRUMP ELECTION !  PLUS CELEBRATE HOLIDAYS!  $25  for brunch and program.  please RSVP to FallbrookRWF@gmail.com  Location: Pala Mesa Resort

Nov 2016  Fri. Nov 4 th, 9:30  at Pala Mesa Resort.  Guest Speaker:  Don Huff, retired military, honored for Veteran’s Day. Please bring ballots for discussion on election, including candidates and propositions.  $20 members, $25 non-members.  RSVP to FallbrookRWF@gmail.com Guests welcome


Oct 2016 Fri Oct 14 9:30 At Pala Mesa Resort.  Guest Speaker David Spady, State Director of Americans for Prosperity. $25 for brunch and program. $20 members. Please RSVP to FallbrookRWF@gmail.com.



Sept 2016   FRWF will resume hosting general meetings on the 2nd Friday of the month, 9:30-11:30 AM at the Pala Mesa Resort, Fallbrook. Next meeting on Sept 9th, guest speaker will be Lynn Ann Reagan, President of San Diego County RWF, who will speak on “History of Women in Our Government from the Revolution to the Present.”  Guests welcome. Brunch and Program is $25.  RSVP to FallbrookRWF@gmail.com by Sept. 5th.

June 2016  The  Guest Speaker Friday, June 10th  meeting of the Fallbrook Republican Women’ Federated  will be Barry Nussbaum.  Mr. Nussbaum is a highly-sought commentator  on Domestic and Foreign Relations. Pala Mesa Resort, 9:30 AM.  Program and brunch are $25.  RSVP to FallbrookRWF@gmail.com  Guests welcome

May 2016  General Meeting Fri, May 13 9:30 AM  Pala Mesa Resort $25 for Brunch/Program. RSVP  FallbrookRWF@gmail.com CARL DIMAIO from KOGO “The DiMaio Report” will discuss current political issues. Candidate to meet: Judge Paul Ware for San Diego Superior Court.  Representatives from Joel Anderson and Marie Waldron offices, let us know what is happening in legislature. Bring guests.

APRIL 2016  General Meeting , Fri. April 8, 9:30 AM. Pala Mesa Resort, Fallbrook. $25 Brunch/Program. RSVP FallbrookRWF@gmail.com Two guest speakers: Waskah Whelan, County Precinct Operations Chairman and Ellen Allison, FHS Scholarship recipient, to read essay “What the Constitution Means to Me.”  all welcome

 March 2016 General Meeting Fri Mar 11, 9:30 AM Pala Mesa Old Hwy 395  $20 brunch.  RSVP FallbrookRWF@gmail.com All welcome.  GUEST SPEAKER: Mary Baker, Activist and Author.

FEB 2016  General Meeting Fri Feb 12, 9:30 AM  Pala Mesa Golf Resort Old Hwy 395  Fallbrook Lou Oberman and Larry Sundram “The Solutions is As Big As the Problem”  guest speakers. All welcome $20  please RSVP  FallbrookRWF@gmail.com

JAN 2016  General Meeting Fri, Jan 9 at Pala Mesa Resort. Fallbrook 9:30-11:30  Guest Speaker:  Ruth Weiss, Election Integrity Project.  Bring back fair voting practice!  All welcome. RSVP to FallbrookRWF@gmail.com  $20 for brunch and program

DEC 2015 General Meeting Fri. Dec 11 Pala Mesa Resort Old Hwy 395 Fallbrook. Annual Installation of Officers and Holiday Program..  Derrick Hutchinson from Sen. Anderson’s office, will install new officers and speak on current legislation.  Children’s singing group “Starlighters” to perform. $20 for brunch and program.  RSVP  FallbrookRWF@gmail.com

Nov 2015  General Meeting, Fri. Nov 13, 9:30 Pala Mesa Resort. Old Hwy 395 Fallbrook. Guest Speaker  and Fallbrook resident,Howard Lewis, aviation and EMS expert. Come and hear Mr. Lewis tell about his adventures and views.  $20 for brunch and program. All welcome. RSVP FallbrookRWF@gmail.com

Oct 2015  MEMBERSHIP TEA and General Meeting Fri. Oct 9, 9:30 Pala Mesa Resort, Old Hwy 395  Guest Speaker: Nancy Kremer, Center for Self Governance, which promotes integrity in voting and elections. She will also speak about empowering the audience. $20 for brunch and program. Bring a guest!  RSVP FallbrookRWF@gmail.com

AEC v1.0.4
Sept 2015   General Meeting Fri Sept 11, 9:30 Pala Mesa Resort 2001 Old Hwy 395  GUEST SPEAKER:  Jordan Dennison, Chairman San Diego State University College Republicans Come and get energized by our future rising stars!  $20 includes brunch and program, RSVP FallbrookRWF@gmail.com  Guests welcome!

JUNE 2015 General Meeting Fri June 12, 9:30 AM Pala Mesa Resort 2001 Old Hwy 395 GUEST SPEAKER: Dr. Paul Chabot, former White House Advisor, Naval Intel Officer and author will speak on fight against terrorism, cartels and border issues. $20 includes brunch and program.  RSVP  FallbrookRWF@gmail.com

May 2015 General Meeting, Annual Scholarship Presentation, Brunch: Fri, May 8, 2015,  9:30 AM Pala Mesa Resort 2001 Old Hwy 395, Fallbrook We will announce our scholarship recipient and hear the winning essay read by the recipient. We will also have a lively mock fashion show. Guests Welcome! $20 for brunch and program. RSVP FallbrookRWF@gmail.com ALSO SEE OUR BOOTH AT THE 50TH ANNUAL ANTIQUE CAR SHOW! Sun. May 24th Pala Mesa Resort 2001 Old Hwy 395, Fallbrook

April 2015 General Meeting and Brunch: Fri April 10, 2015  9:30 AM Pala Mesa Resort, 2001 Old Hwy 395 Fallbrook, CA Guest Speaker:   Stephen Frank, political analyst and commentator. “How Next Election Will Effect California” $20 includes brunch and program.  Guests Welcome RSVP FallbrookRWF@gmail.com ALSO SEE OUR BOOTH AT THE AVOCADO FESTIVAL! Sun. April 19 th Sun Plaza Center, 431 S. Main St. Fallbrook

March 2015 General Meeting.  Friday, Mar. 13  9:30 AM Pala Mesa Resort, 2001 Old Hwy 395, Fallbrook Guest Speaker:  Mary Baker, from SanDiego FRWF and political activist, will speak on involving Republican women and getting ready to win in 2016! $20 for brunch and program.  RSVP FallbrookRWF@gmail.com Please bring a guest!  Luck of the Irish…you may win the Opportunity Drawing!

February  2015 General Meeting.  Fri Feb. 13, 9:30 AM Pala Mesa Resort, 2001 Old Hwy 395, Fallbrook Guest Speaker: Susan Tully, from Washington DC, FAIR to speak on experience and issues relating to Immigration. $20 for brunch and program. Please RSVP to Fallbrookrwf@gmail.com Bring a guest!

January  2015 General Meeting:  Fri. Jan 9th, 9:30 AM Pala Mesa Resort, 2001 Old Hwy 395,  Fallbrook Guest Speaker:  Dan McCallister, San Diego County Tax Collector $20 for brunch and program RSVP:  FallbrookFRWF@gmail.com